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What is
The Power of the Pause?

There is no healing, no changing without cultivating the pause. When we seek happiness through gathering more stuff,  more relationships, more accolades, we miss the point.  Being complete and whole doesn't come from doing - it comes from being and letting go of the old perfectionism programming.

Most human beings have become human doings - barely aware of why we do the things we do, why we are with the people we are with, why we eat what we eat, why we wear what we wear, or why we purchase what we purchase.  It is only in pausing that we understand ourself, others, and the world around us in a way that makes sense. 

We have developed defenses or parts of ourselves that protect us from questioning the programming we have received. 

Our programming is familiar so we stay there, until one day we get a sense of unease, anxiety, depression, or longing.  The programming has become uncomfortable and we are ready to examine why. However, waking up to this reality can be scary.

My approach to wellness is rooted in the belief that we are complex beings and that our healing requires a multi-layered approach. I use IFS therapy (Parts Work), Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion as a way to address our emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns. Retreats provide you with the opportunity to step away from the busyness of your life and create space for more Room to Breathe. You will leave our retreats feeling rejuvenated and empowered to make positive changes in your life.

Our retreats teach the powerful concept of the pause. We believe that taking a break and allowing yourself some time for self-care can really transform your life. All of my workshops, activities and therapies are all targeted towards helping you learn the power of the pause and how it can bring about real and lasting change in your life. 


You deserve this! To hear more about The Power of the Pause, click here!

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Jacqueline Stilling, Founder


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What to Expect:

The Both\And Way is designed to help you see and accept all parts of yourself in a new, less critical way. Everything we do begins with teaching you how to cultivate a Pause Button.  By pausing before reacting to your thoughts and feelings you have a moment to breathe and rightsize the thoughts and feelings before you react.  In fact, you stop reacting and begin responding with more peace and less activation. 
This in turn improves the relationships you have with yourself and with others.

Find peace within.
Stop waiting for outside forces to bring you joy.
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Get some real YOU time, with nature and a supportive group of women.


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“Jackie is authentic and real. She holds nothing back and leaves nothing to the imagination. She is fair, compassionate and speaks from the heart. She allows those in attendance to find their own way among the guidance given. She understands that we are not all made from the same mold, we are coming at life from different angles and experience, therefore our approach is just as unique as we walk this recovery journey with our loved ones. It was both refreshing and empowering.”
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