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Coach, Teacher, Therapist, Human Being

Hi, I am Jacqueline Stilling also known as Jackie. Fun fact: people often ask
which I prefer, and truthfully, I like both names equally. I am more like you than
you think. Why do I say this? Because I believe in the struggles and joys of our
common humanity. We are all more alike than different if we take time to
pause and get to know our Self. Not the self that is defensive and longing.
The Self that is curious and compassionate. We all have that Self – it is just
hidden at times by protective parts that drive our emotional bus (sometimes
off a cliff)! I am here to help you get to know all parts of yourself,
compassionately accept them, and then right-size them so they don’t block
you from your Self energy.

Although I am a coach, teacher, and a therapist, I continue my own journey
daily. I think we are all unique, complex, and fascinating, and there is no way
to ever get to the bottom of things. There is always more to learn about
ourselves. People often want things to be tied up in a pretty package with a
nice label. However, I think labels make us small and separate us from each
other. I don’t believe in either/or thinking, I believe everything is both/and.
Can’t we both love someone and need space from them? Can’t we both love
to travel, and love coming back home. Can’t we both love our dog and get tired of vacuuming dog hair (okay maybe the last one is just me)! True contentment
is achieved by holding 2 separate feelings in the same body and accepting
the feelings that arise. It is both freeing and difficult. Your journey with me
will be both a commitment to your Self, and totally worth it!

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