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September 11 - October 23, 2024

Dive into your Internal System.

Stop letting outside circumstances determine your mood and your reactions.

Learn to drive your own emotional bus instead of letting your anger, frustration, or other feelings and impulses get in the drivers seat.

Understand yourself more deeply.

Enhance your life and grant more peace and gentleness with yourself and others!

Understanding You: IFS 6-Week Course

"Parts Work" or...Mindfulness 2.0

The patterns we establish in our life: relationships, work, food, substances, spending, self-esteem, etc. are often rooted in our early childhood experiences. Younger versions of us get stuck in the past and are triggered by current circumstances.


For instance, you feel unseen or unheard from your partner and you lose it and later say: “A part of me just flipped out; I hate it when my rage takes over.” 


Or despite what the world sees in you, you NEVER feel like you are enough. You have the self-critic part whispering in your ear that you could do better, be better, look better.

In this course we will address those Parts to better understand your Internal Family System - to better Understand You

Christe, IFS Coaching Client

Doing parts work with Jackie has helped me identify where my feelings are coming from and helped me learn to both accept and appreciate them throughout the day. I have a long way to go, but her work with me has helped immensely.

Break the Pattern

What to Expect from Understanding You​

Join this exclusive IFS 6-Week Course from September 11 to October 23. 

Limited to a maximum of 10 participants, this intimate group will meet for 90 minute sessions each Wednesday via Zoom to ensure you get personalized attention and a close-knit experience.

Together we will explore core IFS principles through fun presentations, meditations, journaling, and other exercises that will help you understand your inner world and relationships better. Plus, you'll have chances to ask questions and connect in small breakout rooms.

This course is for you if...

  • You keep promising yourself you will change, and you just can’t.

  • Your inner critic won’t give you a break.

  • You are ready to move into "Mindfulness 2.0" and go deep into your internal system.

  • You haven’t been able to get to the bottom of your anxiety, depression, or childhood wounds.

  • Family, society, or cultural programming are keeping you stuck.

  • This group will be run in English and is open to any adult anywhere in the world who wants to use IFS to better understand their relationships with themselves and others.

Enjoying the cup of coffee

Together we will learn how to befriend the Part that flips out, help it out of the driver’s seat and into the back seat...

Where it will trust the modern version of you to drive the emotional bus.

Picnic Spot

This 6-week course includes...

  • Virtual Group Sessions every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm Eastern Time

  • All calls are recorded in case you miss them

  • Optional private sessions with Jacqui (these sell out fast)!

  • Weekly handouts and journal prompts

Through Parts Works we can identify the Parts of us
that are trapped in the past.
Younger parts that picked up tools to help us survive – humor, workaholic tendencies, difficulty with intimacy, feeling like we don’t measure up – but those tools are never enough.

This course is not magic. This is a commitment to yourself in order to create real, sustainable change - and you are worth it.

Understanding You: IFS 6-Week Course

The next 6-week course will take place from September 11 to October 23. 
After signing up, Jacqui will reach out to schedule a 20-minute enrollment call. 

Meet Jacqui...

Jacqui is a IFS Level 2 graduate and continues learning and expanding her knowledge through 1:1 Consultations as well as being involved in IFS consultation groups.


She will always be a student as well as a teacher.  She likes to think of herself as a Sherpa – she doesn’t have all the answers but can help you stop walking in circles and find your correct path.


Jacqui has been a practitioner and teacher of Mindfulness concepts as well as a therapist for decades.  By founding The Both/And Way she is able to use her SELF more effectively by teaching and leading retreats.

Want to chat with me or others who have worked with me?
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