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Are you tired of continuing to slip into the same hurtful patterns?

Do you say or hit send or buy things before hitting your Pause Button and then
sit in regret? 

Do you feel you never measure up or are never good enough? 

Do you find it difficult to be kind and curious about the parts of yourself
that get stuck in unhealthy patterns?

Do you instead just beat yourself up about these parts of yourself?

Is there a desire to do things differently, but you have no real understanding of how?  ​

Both\And Way IFS (Internal Family Systems/Parts Work) Retreats are designed to break these cycles by introducing a way of investigating moments of overwhelm,  and using an IFS approach to self-reflection.
Take a Room to Breathe Retreat
to get to know yourself better. 
Leave feeling better equipped to stay calm, curious, and compassionate in all circumstances.

I will help you learn to explore all of your parts with kindness, curiosity, and compassion.

What you can expect...

We will integrate a nature-inspired framework that builds in hiking, mindfulness, and meditation that allows us to be present to both the complex beauty of what happens within us, and the complex beauty of the world around us. 

Periods of silence allow us to begin cultivating a new relationship with ourself and allows thoughts and feelings to arise.  We gather as a group to practice meditation, learn new ways of investigating parts of ourself, and share our process along the way. 


Lots of FUN! We spend time in nature, listen to music, play, laugh, and cry. All of your meals are prepared and you don't have to think about what to eat, when to arise, or checking things off of your to-do list. 


All retreats run from Thursday evening until about noon on Sunday. The retreat facilitator uses Thursday and part of Friday to connect with the participants and help them connect with each other and themselves. Then the rest of the retreat is specifically curated for each specific groups' needs..

What you'll gain from the retreat...

TheBoth/And Way Retreat creates space and instruction for you to pause and reconnect with yourself. The space allows you to recognize what is arising within yourself around your patterns and ways of being (too angry, too hungry, too worried, too people-pleasing, too discontent, etc.) that are causing you pain.


You are guided to investigate what is arising with gentleness and compassion.


You will understand your struggles on a deeper level


You will learn to respond with love and acceptance.


You re-enter into the world with more peace. You look at yourself and other with more curiosity and less defensiveness. 


You will have connected with a like-minded community to continue connecting with on your journey.


You will have the ability to pause and respond instead of reacting from old programming and triggers.  


All of this enhances your relationship with yourself, those around you, and the world.


Upcoming Retreats

What Clients Have Been Saying...

"I've really been craving time like this with other women to share stories and struggles and talk about the real, tough, and beautiful parts of life that I so often feel alone with. I’m leaving with a more grounded and centered mindset of what is important to me and how to reach internal peace through nature. Thank you for creating this weekend and sharing it with me."

Unsure if a Both\And Way Retreat is for you? Have more questions? Let's chat! 

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