Who might benefit from this immersive experience:

Do you find it difficult to be kind and curious about the parts of yourself that get stuck in unhealthy patterns? For instance, if you overeat or lose your temper or procrastinate, do you get angry or frustrated with those parts of yourself? Is there a desire to do things differently, but you have no real understanding of how?  In order to break the feeling of being trapped in this cycle, this weekend will introduce a way of investigating moments of overwhelm, using a therapeutic approach to self-reflection called "parts-work". Come and learn to explore all of your parts with kindness, curiosity, and compassion.


What you can expect:

"Parts-work" investigation can be done effectively in many different ways. We will integrate a nature-inspired framework that builds in hiking, mindfulness, and meditation that will allow us to be present to both the complex beauty of what is happening within us, and the complex beauty of the world around us.

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What Clients Say

"I've really been craving time like this with other women to share stories and struggles and talk about the real, tough, and beautiful parts of life that I so often feel alone with. I’m leaving with a more grounded and centered mindset of what is important to me and how to reach internal peace through nature. Thank you for creating this weekend and sharing it with me."