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Coaching And Workshops

You hold the answers to your own peace, inside yourself.

The Both/And Way exists to help you turn down the external noises

to hear and reconnect with yourself to find that peace.


Although I am a licensed therapist having practiced for 20+ years, coaching is not therapy. Instead, coaching is intended to be an emotional "bootcamp" that will provide you with the insight, and tools you need to show up in your life with a new perspective and sense of peace. Like any "bootcamp" program you sign up for, the work is hard, and the goal is that you can incorporate new skills, practices, and routines into your daily life that culminate in a mindset shift.

Who may benefit from a Both/And Way Coaching Program? Do you have:

  •  issues setting boundaries

  • difficulty saying no

  • struggle putting yourself first

  • often worry about what others think of you and your decisions

  • have no idea how to cultivate a pause button around eating, intoxicants, shopping, video game, or various other seductions

If so, coaching with The Both/And Way can be your next step to peace and contentment.​


How do we do this?
Together we will formulate a plan for you to:
  • Understand what boundaries are and how to implement them
  • Increase frustration tolerance
  • Gain the ability to hold space for things as they are, not as we wish
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