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Knots, knots, and more knots!

I have an eclectic love of music from Frank Ocean to 3 Non-blondes to Tash Sultana to Citizen Cope to Maggie Rogers to . . .okay - you get the picture.

The above quote is from one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters, Josh Ritter.

I've always loved music and poetry; especially when the music IS poetry.

I've sung this song often and loud (usually in my car)!

However as I was preparing the curriculum for my IFS informed Parts Work Class, this line really jumped out to me with new meaning.

As a therapist, a coach, and a teacher I think most of the courageous work people (including ME) do is about untangling these knots that someone else tied, and making meaning of them!

Often deep inner work helps us loosen the inner knots that are too tight or tighten the inner knots that are too loose; mostly it is a combination of both!

Sitting and going within or talking to someone and having them hold space for us to investigate the why (why we do this or why we feel this or why we can't stop doing this) is POWERFUL!

Who tied your knots?

Probably not just one person. Probably a combination of messages from family, society, education, media, and your own - sometimes misguided - messages.

I might not be the one to help you untie those knots. If so, give me a hollar.

If not:




And as always let me know what you are thinking about this post, the world, your feelings, your music, or really anything at all!

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