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How did we get to the end of the year? One minute at time.

So many people mutter, "How can it be the end of the year, already?" For some reason, I am not one of those people.

I don't know why.

I feel like time just goes by. I don't have expectations about it going fast or slow. It just goes.

I also have little concept about whether things happened last week or 7 months ago. But maybe that's just me.

Still reading? 😂😂😂 Sometimes I lose the plot!

We are here. Right here. November 27th. the Monday after Thanksgiving. The time of year when things at work seem to slow, but the stress of "Are you ready for the Holidays?" heightens.

At least for some.

Last year I used my social media platform to encourage folks to:

You do You

Hit the Pause

Be Here Now

Don't Should on Yourself

I don't like to rearrange my furniture to put t a big tree up, but if you do- do you.

I do love putting a bunch of knick-knacks away and filling my shelves with fairy lights and gnomes and putting santa hats on my Buddhas.

I don't love buying obligatory gifts, but if you do - do you.

I often find something just perfect for someone I wouldn't usually get t gift for, but I will because it feels right.

I do not get attached to whether or not the person loves the gift. Or whether they say thank-you in a proper way, I gave it because it felt right to me. (More on this in another post).

I keep it simple-ish.

I love the season for more secular reasons.

Like the Solstice - which is December 21st and at which time, we begin getting just a tiny bit more light each day. So hunker down for the next few weeks as we truly enter the darkest time of year.

Be gentle with yourself during these weeks as we are more attached to Nature than we think. Don't over-do: just because you get an invite doesn't mean you have to go.

Check out my Instagram and Facebook if you need a reminder to Pause. I will be your Secret Santa and remind you to love and care for yourself first these next few weeks.

Your motto for the next month: Self-care is not selfish! Unless you'd rather not care for yourself - then you do you! ❤️😳✌🏼

As always, hit reply and let me know how you are doing! How do you do The Holidays? Can I be helpful to you in anyway?


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