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Errors Are Part of the Game

It's that time of year again. The weather changes and the light is delicious if you pause to notice.

Yes, it's getting darker, but take it in because the way the sun comes out and goes back to sleep creates a beautiful hue in the sky that only comes with Fall. So take a moment to breathe it all in.

But this email is about something that most folks are surprised to learn about me: I love the Baltimore Orioles!

I haven't ALWAYS loved professional sports, but when I do, I am ALL IN!

Last week I went to the game on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.



The Baltimore Boys of Summer are playing October Baseball!

This year they changed some rules to make MLB games go a bit faster - because you know - people have issues with pauses.

Even with these changes there are still beautiful pauses in baseball. So when you go to games with friends, there is time to commune.

To talk.

To be.

The pacing is really delicious.

Then suddenly Cedric Mullins hits the go ahead run, and your chill pause turns to screaming and high-fiving.

Ahhh, Baseball.

Here is the thing I really love about baseball:

Baseball BUILDS IN ERRORS in the game.

We are humans. We make errors. In baseball if you get a hit 3 out of every 10 at bats you have an EXCELLENT average and getting a hit 4 out of every 10 at bats is nearly impossible.

In 2013, I wrote this piece about getting back into baseball, death, and corporate greed.

But mostly it's about being gentle with ourselves when we err. Enjoy!

Today, can you smile when you make an error or don't hit it out of the park?

Can you give yourself as much grace as the world gives to professional baseball stars?

Don't forget to take some PAUSES today - weather you are watching post-season baseball, juggling all the balls that are your life, or clinging to the waning light.

Just pause and notice your community, your breathe, your pet, your worth, and for god's sake be nice to yourself when you make those errors.

Sending lots of hugs and peace your way!

Let's Go O'S!


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