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November One-Day Retreat

November 18th, 2023 | Wishing Star Farm

Glen Arm, Maryland

9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m

Give yourself the GIFT of SELF-CARE

The date for this Day Long Retreat was intentionally chosen in order to provide the GIFT of TIME and SPACE for you to center yourself, put the oxygen on yourself, and set mindful intentions as we head into the season that often overwhelms, exhauts, and depletes.  Yes it also brings joy and merriment, but too often we ignore our body and mind as we over care for others. 

  • Restore your nervous system through mindfulness techniques and
    heart-centered meditations 

  • Heal parts of yourself through Internal Family Systems (IFS)-inspired meditations 

  • Gain insight into reasons you feel stuck in old patterns

  • Learn to utilize your PAUSE Button in order to bring you and those you love more peace and calm.

  • Learn more about IFS, Buddhism, and the path of radical self-compassion

  • Enjoy time in nature to get to know and accept all parts of yourself.

What Else?

  • Ayeshe from Lemons and Herbs will be curating breakfast and lunch goodies as well as beverages as we journey together through the day.

  • We will have movement and gentle yoga 

  • Nature wil be our guide inward as we hike and meditate in nature. 

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